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At the end of our week 8 workshop, discussion with Ekaterina lead us to believe that the digital economy not only comprises of auction websites such as Amazon and eBay, but any online organisations employing people in the ICT field.

Considering this, our group made some amendments to our breakdown of the topic. After individual and team research we created a PEST analysis as well as an Actor’s table. These tables actually show how we progressively came to understand the issue:


Actor Interest/Position Examples of communication artifacts
Digital Environment/Economy The playing ground
Journal Science Advances/ university research facilities To uncover the discrepancies between female and male sellers online
Women:-Employed by organisations to work in the digital economy sector

-in ICT positions

-people who work for organisations which are limited to an online audience (Apple, Amazon, Ebay, Gumtree)

-involved in selling products online on auction sites

-having an online input as a stakeholder of an organisation 

-Active in online selling and buying

-working online for their organisation in ICT field

-may feel misrepresented

-may feel intimidated by the current context of gender inequality in the field of ICT


As above

As above (guardian article) (Science mag)

Digitally based companies/organisations Want to provide equal opportunities for people to sell
Companies supplying data Proving discrepancies between female and male sellers
Scholars who have an opinion on the topic As above


Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 6.43.33 PM



Political Economical
  • Australian Fair Work sees pay equality between men and women as ‘best practice’
  • 1986- Equal Employment Opportunity for women was granted
  • 2009- The Pay Equity Unit was established to audit pay equality in organisations with 100+ employees
  • Continually inconsistent pay between men and women
  • 19502- UN International Labour Organisation proposed “equal remuneration for men and women workers for work of equal value… with a view to providing a classification of jobs without regard to sex”
  • Equal Pay Alliance- organisation that represents stakeholders pursuing equal pay
  • Australian Government established the Workplace Gender Equality Agency
  • Women make 80 cents per dollar a man does when selling the exact same, brand new product online
  • Women make approximately 97 cents per dollar on the same, used products sold by men
  • On average, women are paid only 79 cents to every dollar earned by a man in the workforce
Social Technological
  • Full time average earning difference of $277.70 per week (17.3%)
  • Since November 1994, the gender pay gap has increased 1%
  • Financial and insurance services had the highest gender pay gap (30%)
  • Information Media and Telecommunications pay gap increased since 2014 (19.7% difference as of November 2015)
  • Consumer buying patterns: tendency to gravitate toward male sellers rather than females
  • Social notion that a man can provide a higher quality product than a woman
  • Gender pay gap in online sales, including websites such as eBay and Gumtree
  • Consumers are judging (whether subconsciously or consciously) sellers based on their gender
  • eBay are working to make the username of sellers less overt, to ensure gender bias is not as prevalent online
  • Personal information is more accessible to consumers due to the online nature of sales, as opposed to traditional print.
  • In a broad context the digital economy involves jobs which are solely based online, not just private selling of goods. E.g. apple support
  • ICT profession is technologically based, shows a gap in terms of earnings and representation between the sexes



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Equal Pay in the Digital Economy

Group Assessment on Equal Pay in the Digital Economy

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