Mid – Project Team Review

Following our first presentation in the week 9 workshop, our group identified some key strengths in our work ethic as well as some areas due for improvement.

In reference to our team agreement, we constructed a number of goals to fulfil before our next presentation. These objectives were based on the strengths and weaknesses from our last effort.

We want to finish our content early next week so that majority of the week is spent rehearsing our presentation. We know that we were confident with our content after the first presentation, therefore we understand that we simply have to refine our presentation to elude an effortless pitch. This can be achieved by setting aside more time for rehearsal.

The way we organised and delegated work load was efficient, although the last few nights before the presentation deemed stressful as we were hastily putting together and reviewing this content. In order to relieve some pressure for next week, we aim to prepare our individual portions of work much earlier so that more time can be dedicated to culminating and cross checking the work as well as rehearsing.

We were very happy with how we managed to communicate prior to the presentation. We set aside evenings to contact each other via Skype, as well as meeting at uni throughout the week. Although we managed our meet ups effectively, it would have been better if each meeting’s agenda was more clearly planned, since we often found ourselves being distracted or not utilising the time very efficiently.

As a group we are confident that these amendments to our work ethic will provide us with the confidence and organisation necessary to succeed.




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Equal Pay in the Digital Economy

Group Assessment on Equal Pay in the Digital Economy

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