Hannah’s Mid-project Reflection

For the first half of our project we completed research on our issue and presented our pitches for all four disciplines. As a group we worked incredibly well, however there was room for improvement.

We communicated with each other very well through a variety of means including; in person, over Facebook and on our group google document. This allowed us to communicate regularly with one another and update each other on the work we had done.

We also met regularly as a group to discuss our media pitch ideas and refine our work. I do believe however that we may have been able to get our work done in a more timely manner if we had met earlier on and had a more detailed outline of what we would be discussing in the meetings so we could get through them faster.

As we progressed through the project and were meeting more often we began to create deadlines for when our individual work would be due. Doing this allowed us to work effectively as a team and as individuals. I believe we would have had more time to review and practice our presentation if we had been doing this from the beginning. I also believe that having a group meeting where we outlined the work to be done and who would complete it at the beginning of the assignment would have been beneficial.

We were also able to successfully overcome the difficulty of conflicting timetables through meeting over skye rather than in person on campus. This allowed us to review our work and practice our presentation beforehand. I believe we split up the work evenly and successfully delegated work according to individual skill, utilising each group members talents.

Personally, I believe I could have contributed more to the research done outside my assigned area and completed more in depth research in general. I also could have improved by completing my assigned work sooner so I would have more time to revise and improve my work.

I feel as though I was able to contribute some helpful Ideas which we used in our final pitches and assist my group members in improving their ideas as did the group greatly improve my ideas. We had a healthy discussion at each of our meetings where we were able to openly and honestly discuss ideas and provide consecutive criticism. As an example, while I collated the slides to begin with, as a group we were able to improve the slides with each group member providing their opinion.

In the next project I am certain we will work together even more successfully and will have an improved presentation as a result.


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Equal Pay in the Digital Economy

Group Assessment on Equal Pay in the Digital Economy

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