Laura’s Mid-Project Review

Although the concept of working in a team is not a novel or unfamiliar one, every team project tends to differ from the last. This is largely due to an innate variance in work ethics and strategies from person to person. It was to our advantage that everyone in this team demonstrated relatively aligned views on these elements and all proved to be equally committed to the success of the presentation. This contributed to a great sense of coherency and unity within our team as we mutually determined that open, honest communication coupled with organisation, planning and hard work would give us the greatest chance of success.

Upon commencing this project, we determined that delegation was the most effective method of covering all bases in terms of content and information. Relatively even division of topics and tasks allowed for each team member to have an even input into the final outcome. However, this was monitored by frequent communication and updates from every team member. A notable strength of our team in this stage was the communal ability to give and receive constructive criticism. All significant elements were discussed as a team and individuals were able to openly suggest ideas and improvements, and all suggestions were considered and deliberated.

Moving on to the final stages of creating our presentation, constructive criticism and feedback became a key element of our group dynamic. Clashing schedules and locational issues meant that the most convenient method to meet as a team was via Skype, and in the polishing of our presentation this method was an efficient and effective way to achieve fluidity.

In regards to our final product, I am impressed with the way in which we achieved fluency and unity. We knew most of our content well, meaning it was generally easy to deliver without many cue cards or pieces of paper with written speeches, creating an engaging presentation. However, despite our best efforts time was still an issue for us. Perhaps this could have been overcome with greater group discussion or being more succinct with our language. Although this challenge will be less prominent in the next presentation as there is less content to be covered, we must still keep this at the forefront of our decision-making.

Personally, I think I could have contributed more in regards to the research and planning of this assignment. Whilst all members were generally equally included in the creative discussions, there were disparities in the amount of effort that was put into the more logistical side of things, such as contribution to the PowerPoint and blog.

Overall, I am impressed with the ease with which our team operated, using convenient methods such as Facebook and Skype to communicate we were able to decrease the burden of the project. Although over the time limit our strong knowledge of the content allowed for an engaging presentation and our thorough research contributed to strong ideas and discussion.


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