Peta’s Mid-Project Reflection

For the first presentation, our group focused mainly on understanding our prescribed topic before attempting to segment artefact research and production. This process delayed our overall time to review and improve each others’ ideas. Over the next couple of weeks, it would be more beneficial as a group, to begin delegating tasks from the get go, that way we have more time to come back together and create fluidity in our presentation.

When we got the ball rolling, we worked efficiently by setting due dates for delegated pieces of work. Or organisation never faltered, we even went to extra lengths to utilise Skype for group chats when we couldn’t meet up in person.

I am incredibly satisfied with our ability to communicate each others’ ideas and to adapt them to fit our team ethic. Everything in our presentation was reviewed and edited as a team, despite initially separating the work load. It was important to bring our individual work together so that our presentation was delivered in a cohesive manner. We will use the same system in preparation for our final presentation.

An aspect of the team which could be improved may be timing. Although we were incredibly organised, it would have been less stressful if we studied most of our research in weeks 7 and 8. That way, week 9 could have been solely presentation focused. This should also include having more rehearsal periods.

Now that we have chosen our specific disciplines, we no longer need to dwell on research. We already have detailed plans for both Advertising and Media, it shouldn’t take to long to further flesh out these plans before we can get stuck into rehearsing our presentation.
Upon personal reflection, I would like to improve my own time management. Because of work and family distractions, I felt as though I was often one of the last students in my group to complete my designated work. Although I did also take on the responsibility of the group blog, I could have managed my time more efficiently to save myself the stress of finishing incomplete tasks.


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Group Assessment on Equal Pay in the Digital Economy

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