Ollie’s Mid Project Reflection

After recently completing my Week 9 pitch, I learnt greatly from such an experience.

Through gruelling hours working day and night trying to perfect my piece, the work I undertook alongside my fellow team members was effective and consistent.

Part of my role was to deliver a journalist pitch for an article whereby I showcased  necessary information for structure, purpose and examples. As well as delievering a recent artefact illustrating the issue at hand.

Looking back on the days approaching the presentation, I remain pleased by the effort and engagement I continued to have with my group members to ensure all the information researched would carry similar format to those of Hannah, Peta and Laura (team members).

Moreover, I was happy with the ceaseless and vital teamwork that I continued to engage with that inevitably developed the pitch spoken on.

In saying this however, there were elements where I see improvement needed.

Upon the initiation of tasks, I believe I should I have raised further questions and developed instant communication to ensure I did not undertake any work that was not relevant or necessary, rather than leaving to a later date.

Conversely, put more effort into memorising my pitch in order to remove any paper reading and thus losing vital attention of the audience.

It is through these important components where I believe I can improve the quality of my work and consequently the improvement of the team.

By taking these improvements on board, next time I will demonstrate a pitch even stronger with greater attention to detail and overall quality of work.






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