Target Audience Research


  • 16-30 year olds
  • Australians
  • Varying cultures and backgrounds


  • Use the internet
  • Watch YouTube videos for entertainment and advice
  • Studying or working
  • May be both time and financially poor
  • Engage in online shopping
  • Are adapt at using the internet
  • Are strongly and consistently connected online
  • Use social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram
  • Live fast pace lives- used to the immediacy of the internet
  • May be impatient, accustomed to instant gratification
  • May already, or be interested in, selling goods online


  • Believe in equality between the sexes
  • Interested in saving and making money
  • Believe in and enjoy the benefits and conveniences of the internet
  • Want to be in the loop- be aware citizens
  • Generally does not enjoy or appreciate ads
  • Would be interested in selling goods online

eBay’s current audience

YouTube’s current audience


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Equal Pay in the Digital Economy

Group Assessment on Equal Pay in the Digital Economy

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