Weekly Planning Review

Each week our group worked cohesively and extensively through set tasks and plans which formatted a work ethic that was unique to the relationship we grew.

Our planning began by setting out work that we expected each group member to undertake, which would be monitored and reviewed throughout the week and ready by the time we met at the end of the week. These tasks were outlined in a clear and precise manner which we all understood.

Furthermore, in order to guarantee the work that was produced was consistent in quality and speed, we were able to view each other’s work through a Google document that was created so we could see all work coming along.

These measures continually ensured that we were creating our best possible work.

Additionally, a crucial component of the team’s communication was through social media. We retained a Facebook group chat whereby any problems or issues were addressed when they were exposed.

Likewise, we had a group meeting over Skype where we could go over each others work even if someone couldn’t make a physical meeting at University. This Skype meeting became a foundation to the great partnership that we established and retained throughout the entirety of the group project.

As well as this, we could these methods as check points to ensure any possible lag on the equal workload was removed and carry on a great partnership into the working week.

Our team consisting of  Ollie, Peta, Laura and Hannah, was one that was strong in communication and quality. The consistent weekly planning and “to do list’s” over the week helped establish the excellent work ethic we retained and kept right up to the pitch.



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Equal Pay in the Digital Economy

Group Assessment on Equal Pay in the Digital Economy

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