Final Group Report


Although feedback from our first presentation was largely positive, areas of weakness, such as information about audiences and precision of delivery, were outlined. Upon receiving this, we worked diligently to develop these areas through conducting comprehensive research on target demographics. We also discussed the ideas we had proposed in our first presentation in more depth, developing a more rounded and concise delivery.

In order to create convincing pitches for Media and Advertising, we had to provide our intellectuality on the target markets we were appealing to. We undertook extensive research into the age groups engaged with online pop culture media outlets for our media pitch. For advertising we decided to reflect on eBay’s current popular demographic of users, identifying younger age groups as being outliers and less engaged. This preliminary research allowed us to identify our direction, we then focussed on the research which informed us of how we could target these specified areas.

One issue that was raised following the first presentation was how we would reach this outlined target audience with our advertising campaign. In attempting to be more specific in this area we conducted research into YouTube’s advertising targeting technology and were able to define channels in which the advertisement would be streamed, contributing to a more effective and targeted campaign pitch.

Whilst undertaking our research on potential audiences, we were approached with the idea of pitching our media idea to more than one specific media outlet. Jan’s advice enlightened the fact that we had to think more realistically about our media pitch. We narrowly angled our pitch to Buzzfeed, however given the inconclusive nature of a pitch, it was more realistic to pitch our media proposal to other media outlets of a similar format. That way we provided the variety needed to adapt to fit any media distributer. This was the main alteration that was made between presentations, expanding our potential market, and potential audiences.

Reflecting upon the completion of our first presentation, we unanimously understood that we needed to work predominantly on our presentation technique, since this would come to be our main marking criteria. After culminating our research, we worked extensively to create a fluid and comprehensive presentation, rehearsing enough to not rely on cue cards or written notes.


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Equal Pay in the Digital Economy

Group Assessment on Equal Pay in the Digital Economy

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