Ollie Final Individual Review

After the recent delivery of our Week 11 Pitch, I am satisfied by the work ethic and quality of work that was produced in the presentation.

As a whole, I consistently worked alongside my fellow group members on tasks and planning for the pitch. As well as, giving and receiving feedback on work that was a focal point in the presentation.

Working alongside Hannah and the team in the Media pitch, ensured that we consistently had an open mind towards ideas and concepts. Furthermore giving the pitch needed improvement from the direction we were heading towards previously.

Unlike the subconscious errors that I made earlier of not raising questions at the beginning helped guarantee I was aware of all tasks and changes. Likewise, bringing up any concerns or needed attention to the work I was doing.

The constant communication that our group was having assisted me with knowing everyone’s progress, which gave me a checkpoint on the speed I should be working at.

Moreover, the Google document and Skype conversations certainly gave me the surety that all the work produced was a team effort.

A possible improvement for next time can be to provide greater contribution on the work that will ultimately give the team greater chance for success and best possible outcome.

We all put in excellent work!



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Equal Pay in the Digital Economy

Group Assessment on Equal Pay in the Digital Economy

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