Final Teamwork Review

Having finished our final pitch, we are satisfied by the quality of work and commitment we implemented into this assignment.

Continuing with the work ethic we established in the team agreement, we maintained important values which were succinct with our first presentation.

Despite late nights and continuous work, the ongoing communication through Skype and Google Doc became a fundamental component to the expectation we had of each other. This also allowed checkpoints to be in place which highlighted the pace at which we’d be working at, ensuring an equal workload.

Furthermore, through these communication mediums, we drew new attention to the way we presented in the pitch by removing any paper or cue card reading. This would inevitably demonstrate a more engaging and informative presentation.

This limitation of note-reading would have detracted us from experiencing a realistic pitch situation whilst disrupting the relationship with the audience, therefore our delivery was professional.

In terms of future improvement, the competition of tasks could have happened earlier in order to allow more time to fix and adjust anything nearing the presentation. Therefore, time management would be the most appropriate future improvement.

Despite this, the amendments and changes we subsequently made following the first presentation gave us the best chance to produce work of high quality, a testament to the promising teamwork we retained over the duration of the task.


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Equal Pay in the Digital Economy

Group Assessment on Equal Pay in the Digital Economy

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