Hannah Final Individual Review

Our final presentation in week 11 was very successful. I believe we had such success due to our exemplary group work. As a group we communicated very well and delegated roles evenly. While Peta and Laura focused on the advertising pitch, and Ollie and I focused on Media, we were all aware of and involved with every element. This allowed us to work cohesively as a group and present everything with confidence.

I believe everyone contributed equally and was involved and focused on the assignment throughout the process. We worked very cohesively in sharing ideas and developing our pitches. Allowing every team member to share their opinion openly meant that we were able to improve our ideas and make positive changes.

One of the major improvements from our previous presentation was the quality and depth of our research and the development of our pitch ideas. While our ideas were quite developed in our first presentation, we still developed them even further and considered any possible issues.

We also greatly improved our presentation skills, each member spoke with minimal use of notes and had a strong understanding of the points they were discussing. I think this allowed our presentation to be engaging and informative.

I think our preparation and timeliness did improve, however, with our busy schedules and each member having other group assignments to work on, we were still quite pushed for time towards the end. Despite this, we were able to utilise Skype and Facebook to get the work completed in the time frame.

I believe I was able to contribute a lot to this group and the presentation, as did each group member. I believe my ideas and opinions were greatly valued and the work I completed was of value to the presentation.

As a group we worked cohesively and we were all willing to contribute. I believe this was what made working in this group pleasant and easy.


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Group Assessment on Equal Pay in the Digital Economy

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