Laura’s individual final review

Having researched and planned thoroughly in preparation for our initial presentation, our ideas were in strongly developed beginning the second stage of this assignment.

Therefore, in preparing for presentation two, we mainly focused on the refinement and development of the two platforms of our choice. Whist much of the creative development, such as ideas and concepts, had been done in the first stages of this project, we refocused on the more pragmatic elements of these ideas in the later stages. Redirecting focus back to audiences and logistics, collaboration and discussion within the team became easier, as it was no longer a matter of competing creative visions.

Through sticking to our team agreement we were able to conduct Skype calls and group discussions over Facebook to ensure that all member of the group, and ideas worked in cohesion. I think that through this process, all members of the groups contributed equally and listened and gave feedback with a rigour that made the polishing of our presentation easy and enjoyable.

Individually, I think I could have been more time efficient with the work that had been assigned to me. Although all work was submitted according to the group assigned time lines, I was often one of the last to submit items, such as the mid project review.


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Equal Pay in the Digital Economy

Group Assessment on Equal Pay in the Digital Economy

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