Peta’s Final Individual Review

Following our first presentation in week 9 our group understood which organisational skills worked to our advantage, as well as identifying our faults.

After the completion of week 9’s presentation, we were confident with the depth we had put into our media and advertising pitches, despite that intensive work not being initially required. With that in mind, our group decided to take a little hiatus between each presentation. Since the bulk of our pitches were complete, this break was justified.

Once we rejoined at the end of week 10, we were well-rested enough to take on some more group work. We began by organising what work needed to be done before the last presentation. After receiving advice from Cangie, Jan and Ekaterina, we were able to outline which areas of our group work needed more priority and fleshing out.

Using our Google Doc, we assigned areas of work to each group member, also designating a due date and time to meet and teach each other’s work. We split each discipline between two people, however reviewed all work amongst the group so that everyone was on the same page. This proved to be an efficient strategy since we were able to each contribute to class discussion and inquiries by Jan and Ekaterina following the end of our presentation.

Working through our prescribed work, we constantly corresponded via Facebook chat and Skype. Our Skype sessions allowed us to keep up to date with any new revelations in the project and to further plan new check points.

This time around, coming together with our independent study was less overwhelming. Our individual work was becoming more reflective of the group and our values, creating a succinct and fluid canon of work.


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Equal Pay in the Digital Economy

Group Assessment on Equal Pay in the Digital Economy

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