Equal pay in the digital economy (eBay survey)

When our group decided on this topic, most of us weren’t too sure how the mass issue of the gender gap was related to the broad environment of the digital economy. Despite our confusion, we were interested in the issue at large since it has been an evolving narrative in our lives.

In our week 8 workshop, we came together to discuss and research the topic in order to culminate our independent findings. During this lesson we found that it was hard to identify relevant online artefacts and sources related to eBay and the gender gap. Using the key phrases of ‘equal pay,’ ‘eBay’ and ‘digital economy,’ merely produced information revolving around the eBay survey which found discrepancies among female and male seller statistics. This gave us the idea that the gender gap in the digital economy merely related to the private buyer and seller arrangement found on selling forums and websites. Although we hadn’t yet observed the broad issue of this gender gap in other areas of the digital economy, we decided to brainstorm ideas for each disciplinary artefact.

We openly discussed a range of ideas as a group, before designating each member with a discipline to further brainstorm.

This was our group brainstorm:


-a new website or organisation that mimics ebay however creates a discrimination free environment so there is no gender discrepancy

-something creating awareness about the gender gap pay with a strong slogan, “Buy Without Bias?”



-Short film, split screen depicting the way a boy seller’s experience differs from a girl’s

-boy makes more money than the girl

-Documentary following avid online buyers, documenting what they look for in a seller, identifying bias?

-feminist connotations?



-helping the profile of ebay who are receiving backlash?

– in response to a press release on eBay’s behalf?

-representing the statistics found on ebay survey

-Discussing how eBay isn’t knowingly worsening the problem (no gender selection on profiles)  


PR :

-Represent eBay?

-There has been existing measures implemented to remove gender discrimination. Done by including usernames of choice, not specifying gender

-However unforeseen factors have resulted in the identity of usernames remaining gender identifiable

-The flaws are in the grouping of the product sold by an individual seller, this allows potential buyers to assess what the sellers’ interests are: can lead to identifying gender

-Goal: Promote the behaviour of purchasing products focusing on the quality of the product itself rather than any bias based on the seller.  


Team Agreement


1.Spread the workload evenly

2.Take initiative

3.Communicate and provide updates weekly

4.Be honest

5.Take everything on board, if something doesn’t work, dismiss it after attempting to make it work

6.Listen to one another

7.Workshop each other’s ideas collectively

8.Don’t rely on independent work

9.Appreciate everyone’s input

10.Don’t be afraid to contribute