Final Teamwork Review

Having finished our final pitch, we are satisfied by the quality of work and commitment we implemented into this assignment.

Continuing with the work ethic we established in the team agreement, we maintained important values which were succinct with our first presentation.

Despite late nights and continuous work, the ongoing communication through Skype and Google Doc became a fundamental component to the expectation we had of each other. This also allowed checkpoints to be in place which highlighted the pace at which we’d be working at, ensuring an equal workload.

Furthermore, through these communication mediums, we drew new attention to the way we presented in the pitch by removing any paper or cue card reading. This would inevitably demonstrate a more engaging and informative presentation.

This limitation of note-reading would have detracted us from experiencing a realistic pitch situation whilst disrupting the relationship with the audience, therefore our delivery was professional.

In terms of future improvement, the competition of tasks could have happened earlier in order to allow more time to fix and adjust anything nearing the presentation. Therefore, time management would be the most appropriate future improvement.

Despite this, the amendments and changes we subsequently made following the first presentation gave us the best chance to produce work of high quality, a testament to the promising teamwork we retained over the duration of the task.


Laura’s individual final review

Having researched and planned thoroughly in preparation for our initial presentation, our ideas were in strongly developed beginning the second stage of this assignment.

Therefore, in preparing for presentation two, we mainly focused on the refinement and development of the two platforms of our choice. Whist much of the creative development, such as ideas and concepts, had been done in the first stages of this project, we refocused on the more pragmatic elements of these ideas in the later stages. Redirecting focus back to audiences and logistics, collaboration and discussion within the team became easier, as it was no longer a matter of competing creative visions.

Through sticking to our team agreement we were able to conduct Skype calls and group discussions over Facebook to ensure that all member of the group, and ideas worked in cohesion. I think that through this process, all members of the groups contributed equally and listened and gave feedback with a rigour that made the polishing of our presentation easy and enjoyable.

Individually, I think I could have been more time efficient with the work that had been assigned to me. Although all work was submitted according to the group assigned time lines, I was often one of the last to submit items, such as the mid project review.

Hannah Final Individual Review

Our final presentation in week 11 was very successful. I believe we had such success due to our exemplary group work. As a group we communicated very well and delegated roles evenly. While Peta and Laura focused on the advertising pitch, and Ollie and I focused on Media, we were all aware of and involved with every element. This allowed us to work cohesively as a group and present everything with confidence.

I believe everyone contributed equally and was involved and focused on the assignment throughout the process. We worked very cohesively in sharing ideas and developing our pitches. Allowing every team member to share their opinion openly meant that we were able to improve our ideas and make positive changes.

One of the major improvements from our previous presentation was the quality and depth of our research and the development of our pitch ideas. While our ideas were quite developed in our first presentation, we still developed them even further and considered any possible issues.

We also greatly improved our presentation skills, each member spoke with minimal use of notes and had a strong understanding of the points they were discussing. I think this allowed our presentation to be engaging and informative.

I think our preparation and timeliness did improve, however, with our busy schedules and each member having other group assignments to work on, we were still quite pushed for time towards the end. Despite this, we were able to utilise Skype and Facebook to get the work completed in the time frame.

I believe I was able to contribute a lot to this group and the presentation, as did each group member. I believe my ideas and opinions were greatly valued and the work I completed was of value to the presentation.

As a group we worked cohesively and we were all willing to contribute. I believe this was what made working in this group pleasant and easy.

Efficient Utilisation of Social Media

We were able to use Facebook chat to successfully communicate with one another while not on campus. This allowed us to communicate regularly and keep everyone fully informed on any updates. We used Facebook to plan meetings, discuss ideas as they arose and delegate tasks. It was also incredibly useful when one of us was unable to make it to a seminar, we were able to keep every team member completely informed. It was also useful for clarifying any issues and asking questions and we were able to receive quick responses from one another.

Facebook chat has been greatly useful in completing our presentation and we were able to use it to our advantage.

Skype Chat


Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 1.58.10 PM.png

The above image was taken on May 16th. During this session, we discussed our breakdown of checkpoints before the final presentation. We delegated roles to each group member and further discussed our Media and Advertising pitches in order to maintain fluidity and understanding amongst the group.